Lake Trafford

Lake Trafford Critical Restoration / Dredging & Containment of muck Phase III

Date Work of Performance: July 2009 - November 2010

Cleanup of muck-clogged Lake Trafford located southeast of Fort Myers, encompasses the third and final phase of a decades-long effort to rid the 1600-acre recreational lake of a layer of composted vegetation that sank to the bottom after the application of an herbicide. Eight feet thick in certain areas, the herbicide caused a massive fish kill in 1996. Cavache is performing the dredging of 2 million cubic yards of material from a 1,156-acre portion of the lake. Cavache was selected from many other dredging contractors for their unique skill set and capabilities with this type of dredging work. To accommodate the needs of this project, Cavache fabricated a unique suction head for its dredge in order to maximize the excavation of muck while leaving the majority of sand in place.