AeroJet Canal

C-111 AeroJet Canal

This South Florida Water Management project consisted of the removal of contaminated sediment in the "Closed Loop" section of the Aerojet Canal. Since there is no outfall from the "Closed Loop" section, there is negligible velocity of flow which has resulted in the settlement of sediment that became contaminated with phosphorus from the runoff that came from the former Blue Heron Aqua Farm.

Cavache removed the contaminated sediment within a two tenth tolerance from the channel hard rock bottom. The dredge cutter head was removed to eliminate turbidity and a special suction end was fabricated to the dredge ladder for decreasing sediment suspension and mixing. The excavated sediment was pumped into a plastic lined containment disposal facility (CDF) where the water was treated by a filtration system. The CDF was designed to contain the contaminated sediment, as well as, meet the dredge and filter pumps gallons per minute flow rate capacity for the project. Cavache's "Lil Monica", a 2005 DMC 12 x 10" Cutter/Suction Swinging Ladder Dredge, was modified to meet the specs of the job.